How Much Is My Home Worth?


Our team provides many services to help you list your property to sell. We provide a comprehensive, unbiased home evaluation to help you understand what your home is worth. In addition to an onsite evaluation, we provide a detailed CMA (Comparable Market Analysis) for you to help you understand the market conditions when you’re listing your property. Knowing your competition is very important and questions such as “How much did the house down the street sell for?” and “How long was it on the market for?” will help you to understand what to expect when we list your property. There are 5 factors that influence the sale of a property – Location, Condition of Property, Marketing/Exposure, Price, and Accessibility of Property and our home evaluation will touch on all of those points to help you make the best selling decisions.

In today’s dynamic market, pricing a home in crucial.  If its priced too high, it will sit stagnant on the market and become stigmatized as “that overpriced house.”  If its priced too low, money will be left on the table.  There is fine balance with maximizing price and ensuring a timely sale process. With us, you can rest assured that we work hard to make sure your home is fairly priced but also priced to sell based on the market conditions.