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Get exclusive access to proprietary information on Bank Foreclosures, Estate Sales, Fixer Uppers, and other Distressed Properties that MUST BE SOLD.  These types of properties generally require some level of repair and remodelling, but the reward comes in great equity return.  When you register for our free no obligation search service, you will receive up to date information on all the distressed properties in your location and price range of choice.  Our team work alongside with top national banks, lawyers, for-sale-by-owners, and cooperate with every single Realtor across Canada!  In today’s fast paced world, getting the information first and before other buyers is the key advantage in getting the BEST DEALS.

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Relocation/ Moving

Moving can be a daunting and stressful event.  Adjusting to a new place is not easy.  Our team of real estate experts are here to assist with your transition to the Ottawa region.  Whether its condo or a house, we will find your perfect home and get you connected with right parties- schools, community centres, doctors, mechanics, plumbers, electricians, ect.

If you’re moving out of the Ottawa area, you can rely on our network of over 100,000 Remax agents worldwide to help you settle into your new home aboard.

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New Builds

With so many different builders out there, how to you select the right one for your needs?  Whether its with a major international builder or a local more personable builder, our knowledgeable and experienced team of experts will help you build your dream house based on your budget, location, and preferences.  Not finding exactly what you’re looking for?  We also work with industry leaders to assist with custom builds.  Because the build time can be lengthy, we will be with your every step of the process- from selecting the parcel of land, zoning and permits, design and building, choices of finishes, and final walk through.

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Save $5000 Guaranteed!

Everyone wants a great deal.  When you work with our team, we will find the perfect home for you and GUARANTEE that we will negotiate a minimum reduction of $5000 off the listing price or we will give you $1000 cash on closing.  Its simple.  No catch.

Mortgage Calculator/ Pre-approval

Mortgage pre-approval is one of the most important step in the home buying process- unless you’re planning on paying all cash for the property.  Unfortunately, too many people assume they will be approved and often times skip this crucial step.  We’re not here to give you a spiel on why you should get a mortgage preapproval.  A pre-approval will save time, stress, and make the buying process less unpredictable.   There is no cost and no obligation to buy.  Just a peace of mind.

Our team will ensure you find the perfect home and also best financing options.  We have solid connections with top national lenders as well a network of alternative lenders.  Whether you’re a first time buyer, self-employed or have previous credit challenges, our partnered mortgage specialists will find a way to get you into the house of your choice.

We also have options with rent-to-own.

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